Happy Endings: Favourite moments

2x05 - Alex being mistaken for a drag queen

“So Alex… What’s his story?

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Alex, your ex-boyfriend, what’s up with him?”


“Seriously, what’s his deal?


Frog! on Flickr.

A few new photos for you all to enjoy :) Don’t hesitate to give feedback! Cheers guys :)

Butterfly, April 2013. on Flickr.

So I have learnt that the butterfly in the photo, a ‘Comma’ butterfly, was once very rare in the UK, and only found on counties bordering Wales. They made a comeback, demonstrated by the fact I live right on the East coast, and photographed this butterfly in my garden :)

Butterfly, April 2013. on Flickr.

Butterfly, Spring has finally hit England! :)

Berlin Zoo and Aquarium on Flickr.

Check out some of the photos I took at Berlin Zoo and Aquarium! There will be more to come at some point :)
Snakes, big cats, fish…

Heron (I think) on Flickr.

Another one from Berlin Zoo :)

Berlin Zoo and Aquarium on Flickr.

Beautiful beast?

Berlin Zoo and Aquarium on Flickr.

Anyone keen on snakes?

Berlin Zoo and Aquarium on Flickr.

Fish, Reptiles and big cats! Go and check out the new photos guys :) Ta!

Couple of new photos up FINALLY and some more to come! Visited Berlin to see my sister, most of the photos will be from the zoo so here’s a tiger to start off with :) 

(Source: wildestwild)

Dusty grasshopper on Flickr.

Dusty grasshopper anyone? :)

Black and White Riley! on Flickr.

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